Author Instructions for Accepted Papers

Congratulations for your contribution to ARES 2023.

Please carefully read these instructions until the end as they contain important information!


At least one author (of an accepted paper) has to pay the regular registration. Please register before June 20th, 2023.


Author Details

Please check the author details entered in EasyChair, they need to include the full name, affiliation, country & correct email address of each author . This data will be sent to ACM for the copyright process.

The first author listed in EasyChair will be the main contact person for ACM regarding copyright and proceedings version upload.

If changes need to be made send an email with the correct information to until June 14th, 2023.

Please note that the paper title stated in EasyChair is the paper title that will be communicated to ACM!

Camera Ready Version

The camera ready version of your paper (paper status in TAPS 100%) is due by June 28 th , 2023.


In the past authors have often needed support from TAPS to finalize their paper in TAPS. By the camera-ready version deadline the paper has to be uploaded and with the status 100% in TAPS.

Papers that are not ready (status 100% in TAPS) by the deadline will be excluded from the proceedings!

Concerning the proceedings version and copyright forms please take the following into consideration:

  • A few days after the notification you will be contacted by ACM directly to complete the author rights management form (they will send you the form).

This email will be sent by please make sure that this email address will not be blocked by your SPAM filter, only the first author listed in EasyChair will receive this email!

  • Please complete the copyright form asap and send it back to ACM. You will not receive access to TAPS until you completed the copyrights form!
  • When the form is completed, ACM will send you the correct rights management text and bibliographic strip that needs to be placed in the proceeding’s version of your paper.
  • You cannot upload the proceedings version of your paper before the correct rights management text and bibliographic strip is included in the paper!
  • Your final paper must be formatted according to the correct ACM Article Template (see: ).
  • After completing the ACM Copyright process you will receive an email notification with instructions to upload your Camera Ready (finalized) source file set to The ACM Publishing System (TAPS). Please make sure that you approve in your email settings to ensure that all messages from TAPS are received. Download these instructions ( ) for the information on how to use TAPS. TAPS will process your paper and auto-generate proofs of your article for your review. You may need to make corrections to the output in TAPS, in this case please read the section “processing your material” here: .
  • For submitting the author´s accepted paper to the ACM publishing system TAPS, the papers \documentclass needs to be “manuscript” or sigconf.
  • After submitting your paper to TAPS you have to approve the output. Make sure to finalize this until the status is at 100% = complete

If you need support to fix issues in TAPS please contact . Note that they may take a few days until they reply. Contact us at if unsolved issues prevent you from providing your proceedings paper until the deadline.

ACM has launched an effort to overcome offensive or exclusionary terminology in papers. For this reason, please check your papers and try to use alternatives to charged terminology if possible. More detailed guidelines are given here:

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the proceedings manager Bettina Jaber at !